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Holistic Coaching & Consulting

Music, Meditation, Self-awareness & Action

Helping you get clear & confident to create your life of freedom in body-mind-spirit-emotions- relationships, & business

All About the Author



Dr. BenJamin Koen

Dr. Benjamin Koen holds a Ph.D. in the holistic research and practice of music and meditation for healing, health, wellbeing, goal-achievement, and transformation. His graduate and post-doctoral training includes the fields of music, neuroscience, culture, psychology, neuroplasticity, psychological flexibility, spirituality, mind-body medicine, behavioral change, and the role of meaning in all of the above. 


As an acclaimed musician, creative improviser, researcher, teacher, and speaker, Dr. Koen has shared his inspiring message and transformative methods in over fifty countries. His teaching has helped thousands of people achieve their desired outcomes in the areas of body, mind, spirit, emotions, relationships, business, and wealth. 


Dr. Koen’s research and practice explore and harness the unique power of music-meditation to integrate, harmonize, and unify the subconscious, conscious, and superconscious mind through a dynamic he calls music-neuro programming. Drawing on a lifetime of experience and 20+ years of research, teaching, and applied practice, he helps people to tap into dormant and profound capacities within themselves to impact their brain, heart, body, and creative spirit.

Dr. Koen’s holistic methods, including the SEA Meditation Method (See – Experience – Act), Three-Breath Meditation, and Flash Meditation help you engage the dynamic of neuroplasticity, brain-heart coherence, and psychological flexibility to achieve tangible results and create real change and transformation in the specific areas of life that matter most to you and that you have identified through a systematic discovery process. 

Ben’s inspiring, and captivating approach has helped thousands of people across the world release and heal from past pain and truama, detach from future stress, worry, and anxiety, and live fully in the present to unleash their capacity for healing, joy, freedom, health, wealth, discovery, and love.  


In addition to his work, Ben loves experiencing the transcendent power of music and meditation, working out, martial arts, learning, making people happy, the ocean, dancing, travel, language, good food and conversation, silence, and flow.

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